Furry illustrations and comics

JT Falcon

Another gift for JT, this time of their small feral form

Pancake breakfast

A gift for @zebusuuarts of Softii flipping a pancake. Love you sweetie

Zebra-donkey taur

Sketched Dav’s new zebra-donkey sona, with a little extra zebra-donkey

Background painting

I recorded the process of painting the background from LegendaryDragon’s commission  

Doodles and sketches 2020

    Based on this Tweet, and featuring Dav   This Tweet reading “Kobold programmer kisser” caught my attention, both…

This site is in the process of being brought back online. Media will become available as it is reuploaded. As usual, my art can be found on my Twitter and other social media. Thanks! —Minerva