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Based on this Tweet, and featuring Dav


This Tweet reading “Kobold programmer kisser” caught my attention, both because I am a programmer, and also because it’s a strange and ambiguous noun phrase. Is it a kisser who programs or a kisser of a programmer? Is the Kobold kissing or being kissed?

I decided that the answer was “yes to all.”

I can’t remember who but someone suggested it might be more appropriate if the code were written in COBOL instead. alas

And gay too.


Based on the TikTok by @Samuillustration as seen in this Tweet


I’m not sure what compelled me to make a Game Grumps animated. I guess I just wanted to try my hand at it.

CW: swearing

Audio from episode 14 of Super Mario 3D World


This was just kind of a random happening. Someone had made a “green screen” of this scene from The Incredibles and I opted to fill it with… the first available image on my hard drive, this wasn’t deeply thought out but I think it works.



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