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AMAB Minerva


AMAB Minerva

Damian, Veronica, and Minerva mill about on a city sidewalk. Ronnie is gesticulating and all three are laughing. Mini wears a dress colored like the trans pride flag.

Montrenard Plaza

  It’s getting late, but happy Trans Day of Visibility folks! Here’s a lovely and very visible trio of trans…

(AMAB) Minerva smiles at the camera, holding a cup of iced lattee, wearing a whtie t-shirt with pink tie dye, and a navy blue hat.

Mini in a Hat!

Look at this baby gay taking a selfie a year and a half ago with her first cup of coffee…

The mirror

I spend a lot of time staring at mirrors I don’t know what I’m looking for, but I’ll tell you…

Content Warnings:
  • nudity

AMAB Minerva

Minerva with amab secondary sex characteristics. I love drawing Minerva with really feminine features. It’s a validating and cathartic way…

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