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Doodles and sketches 2020

    Based on this Tweet, and featuring Dav   This Tweet reading “Kobold programmer kisser” caught my attention, both…

Taur snuggles

Sometimes you just need eight limbs to hold you tight against a warm fluffy friend.

Doodles and sketches 2019 (pt 1)

The famous picture in question: The Moomin Cartoon (source): Minerva Adventurezone The meme (source)   We decided Anarchy’s tail was…

Content Warnings:
  • swearing
  • alcohol
Miles and Jel sit next to each other in front of a campfire. They have marhsmallows on sticks: Jel is roasting his, Miles' is on fire and he is holding it to his mouth to eat it. They are both laughing.

Date nights

A couple of friends asked Miles on dates. They all had good times. with Jel and Dav

A marketplace bustles with numerous furry characters all going about different business. Front and center is Minerva carrying a basket of goodies and attracting several gazes.

The Marketplace

This took about a month. Lots of fun, lots of work, lots of hand cramps. I hope it makes my…

Doodles and sketches 2018

*Vessarians are a species belonging to Val. **Screamraptor belongs to Abbacchio.   Inspired by this Tumblr post “Rattlesnek: HIGHLY foreboding…

Content Warnings:
  • blood
  • lewd humor
  • swearing

The Beach

Background characters are, from top to bottom, left to right: First row Orngderg Eve Delta @deltaskydragon Rex Second row Ray…

Dav and the pony

Some messing around with Dav. Originally appearing on his blog:   My first response was “coward.” My second response was…

This site is in the process of being brought back online. Media will become available as it is reuploaded. As usual, my art can be found on my Twitter and other social media. Thanks! —Minerva