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Doodles and sketches 2020

    Based on this Tweet, and featuring Dav   This Tweet reading “Kobold programmer kisser” caught my attention, both…

Double date

Mini and Miles take their cuties on a double date. But what’s this? How embarrassing


A little doodle for my friend twitter.com/CoonShib of their character Zestt (they/them, he/him)

Warm in the Snow

A night like this ought to be biting cold, but stand at the side of this extra soft boy and…

Content Warnings:
  • suggestive

Miles reference 2020

I figured Miles should get a new ref too, since I’ve been drawing him quite a lot, and it’s been…

Doodles and sketches 2019 (pt 1)

The famous picture in question: The Moomin Cartoon (source): Minerva Adventurezone The meme (source)   We decided Anarchy’s tail was…

Content Warnings:
  • swearing
  • alcohol
Miles and Jel sit next to each other in front of a campfire. They have marhsmallows on sticks: Jel is roasting his, Miles' is on fire and he is holding it to his mouth to eat it. They are both laughing.

Date nights

A couple of friends asked Miles on dates. They all had good times. with Jel and Dav

Val and Miles are in a supermarket. Miles holds a large bag containing 350 pounds of Cinnamon Toast Crunch. Val reverently touches its surface.

Lov the Cronch

Ever just need a fuck ton of Cronch? (Cinnamon Toast Crunch is a trademark of General Mills, Inc. and is…

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