Furry illustrations and comics

A marketplace bustles with numerous furry characters all going about different business. Front and center is Minerva carrying a basket of goodies and attracting several gazes.

The Marketplace

This took about a month. Lots of fun, lots of work, lots of hand cramps. I hope it makes my…

Doodles and sketches 2018

*Vessarians are a species belonging to Val. **Screamraptor belongs to Abbacchio.   Inspired by this Tumblr post “Rattlesnek: HIGHLY foreboding…

Content Warnings:
  • blood
  • lewd humor
  • swearing

@deer furries

@matsuku posted this My response: 1) don’t. 2)easy, as long as the deer is taller. 3)very carefully 4)some dreams are…

Train Station (unfinished)

I like the concept but I didn’t feel like the angle and arrangement I’d chosen were really working. I might…


Morgan Alexander Velvetelder He’s my Zootopia oc, (since dragons don’t exist in the Zootopia universe, Miles would be a heavy-handed insertion….

Content Warnings:
  • suggestive

This site is in the process of being brought back online. Media will become available as it is reuploaded. As usual, my art can be found on my Twitter and other social media. Thanks! —Minerva