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Unsuppressed Val

Suppression collar off, time to get POWERFUL. Commission for twitter.com/Valkiim

“Unicorn” Val

Listen, taxonomy is messy and as far as I’m concerned “unicorn” could be a historical descriptive name that became a genus despite including the occasional species with three horns.

Content Warnings:
  • suggestive

Val ref 2019

Very fun commission for the wonderful Val See also: NSFW version

Val and Miles are in a supermarket. Miles holds a large bag containing 350 pounds of Cinnamon Toast Crunch. Val reverently touches its surface.

Lov the Cronch

Ever just need a fuck ton of Cronch? (Cinnamon Toast Crunch is a trademark of General Mills, Inc. and is…

A marketplace bustles with numerous furry characters all going about different business. Front and center is Minerva carrying a basket of goodies and attracting several gazes.

The Marketplace

This took about a month. Lots of fun, lots of work, lots of hand cramps. I hope it makes my…

Min and Val Babies

Another motherhood AU, this time with Val. The babies are Milo, Regina, and Aquilo.

Scaly Val

Commission for Val See also: NSFW versions

Snuggle sandwich

when you love these two furries and let them cuddle you at the same time

Doodles and sketches 2018

*Vessarians are a species belonging to Val. **Screamraptor belongs to Abbacchio.   Inspired by this Tumblr post “Rattlesnek: HIGHLY foreboding…

Content Warnings:
  • blood
  • lewd humor
  • swearing

The Beach

Background characters are, from top to bottom, left to right: First row Orngderg Eve Delta @deltaskydragon Rex Second row Ray…

This site is in the process of being brought back online. Media will become available as it is reuploaded. As usual, my art can be found on my Twitter and other social media. Thanks! —Minerva