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Minerva “Floofderg”

Species Mammalian dragon (of a breed sometimes called “Storm Dragons”)
Gender Female (she/her)
Age Adult, mid 20’s
Height 168 cm (5’6″)
Weight 52 kg (115 lb)
Sexual orientation Bisexual / Polyamorous

Minerva is a soft soul with a love for beauty and joy. She’s a very affectionate friend, known for her generous distribution of smooches. She can also be a bit of a thrill-seeker, with one of her favorite pastimes being flying. Her dragon powers mostly center around the production and manipulation of lightning (though she can also breathe fire): she is able to produce arcs of electricity from her body, as well as to capture wild lightning out of the air in a storm and hold its energy.

Miles is her half-brother, and her parents are Ramsay and Aurora.

I’ve never held Minerva to a strict story canon, so the precise nature of her biography is subject to a certain amount of license and variation. There are several story threads or “AU”s worth mentioning:

  • The “main” canon of Minerva is that she lives with Miles in a rural mountainous region. She gathers, bottles, and sells lightning at a farmers market. Several of her friends live nearby, including Eve, Rex, and JT.
    • A variation on this is that she is married to Val, and they have three children: Aquilo, Milo, and Regina. Minerva goes to college, and becomes a science teacher at the local high school. When the children are older, Anarchy 13 is their godmother.
  • The AU where Minerva is a transgender woman doesn’t have much story, but is more of an exploration of aesthetic and trans positivity.
  • I’ve drawn a couple of other AUs where Minerva has children:
    • Heather and Kevin, her children with Chris.
    • A child with Nemmie.
  • In a science fiction RP, she is an android called Min.


  • Minerva can’t play a musical instrument, but likes to sing.
  • Minerva’s room in her house with Miles is the attic, which she has decorated with Christmas lights. It contains the only television in the house (and a variety of old video games). A hatch in the roof lets her fly in and out of her room without going through the front door.
  • When Minerva kisses someone, she creates a very mild electric current, which the receiver feels as a tingling, energizing sensation.
  • Minerva has trace amounts of fairy blood. This doesn’t give her any powers she can control, except (she claims) that her kisses and hugs are good luck.
  • Minerva drives a distinctive car and is somewhat reckless at it.

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