Furry illustrations and comics

Owl cat friend

Wowls showed me this Tweet and I felt it was only appropriate to draw Chestnut

Walking in nature

Just the sun on my face and the baked earth under my feet. It’s cicada season. See also: NSFW version

Tub time

Some quality snuggles

Content Warnings:
  • suggestive

Unsuppressed Val

Suppression collar off, time to get POWERFUL. Commission for twitter.com/Valkiim

Tao’s backroom

Commission of twitter.com/dav_erage’s Vessarian character Tao chilling in his music store.

Double date

Mini and Miles take their cuties on a double date. But what’s this? How embarrassing


A little doodle for my friend twitter.com/CoonShib of their character Zestt (they/them, he/him)

“Unicorn” Val

Listen, taxonomy is messy and as far as I’m concerned “unicorn” could be a historical descriptive name that became a genus despite including the occasional species with three horns.

Content Warnings:
  • suggestive

Figure studies 2019

Model credit (all NSFW): Natasa of female-anatomy-for-artist.com Kristin of female-anatomy-for-artist.com Juliana of female-anatomy-for-artist.com Cwen of Croquis Cafe Heff of Croquis…

Content Warnings:
  • nudity

This site is in the process of being brought back online. Media will become available as it is reuploaded. As usual, my art can be found on my Twitter and other social media. Thanks! —Minerva